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The Trials in Progress category allows researches to present ongoing trials and discuss correlatives and novel trial designs with colleagues. Any phase (I, II or III) trial that is ongoing and has not yet reached prespecified endpoints for analysis may be considered for inclusion in the Trials in Progress submission category. As such, inclusion of results would be improper and is strictly forbidden.

Abstracts should include Introduction and Methods, only:


  • Scientific background/rationale for the trial
  • Preclinical and/or earlier-phase clinical data that has already been publically presented or published may be included with references
  • Correlative studies of particular interest


  • Trial design and statistical methods, highlighing any novel aspects of the design
  • Treatment or intervention planned
  • Major eligibility criteria, highlighting unusual aspects
  • Clinical trial registry number (required)
  • Enrollment must have already begun or have been completed with no data analysis available by the submmission deadline. It is not a requirement that the trial be recruiting; current status of “Open but Not Yet Recruiting” is acceptable.
  • Current enrollment without providing results or endpoints

What is not acceptable in a Trials in Progress abstract?

  • It is improper and forbidden to include results or preliminary data; any abstracts that include such information will be rejected
  • Brand or proprietary drug names